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A major feature of perennials is that they sit and bloom once a year. Once you decide where to build your garden with perennial flower beds, consider the climate of the garden. Is it sunny or shaded, dry or rainy? Next, select the best plant for your area. Below is a list of rare beautiful flowers for a perennial garden
20) Campanula-This beautiful pink flower grows on strong colored grapes. It blooms best in areas 3-10.
19) Crocosmia-a spray of fiery red flowers that grows over 2 feet. This plant covers areas 5-9.
18) Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'-This plant is a pretty spectacle stopwatch. With golden flowers and green or black stems, it stands out in any garden. This flower grows in areas 3-10.
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17) Achillea-This is a beautiful delicate pink flower that looks beautiful in every garden. The factory thrived in areas 3-10.
16) Women's coat-if yellow is your favorite color, this may be a flower for you. It is an absolute favorite of all butterflies. The height grows to about 1 foot and is ideal for zones 3-7.
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15) Sweet William-This plant is two tone or monochromatic, such as red, pink, white. It is a perennial plant with blooming flowers. Zones 4 to 10 are the largest.
14) Echinacea-This flower looks like a daisy hanging. It has white petals with a god or brown center. Make sure this flower looks better in areas 3-9.
13) Luce (Lavatera)-In fact, a shrub with five small leafy flowers of red, pink and lavender. Zones 4-9 are perfect for this flowering.
12) Delphinium-These thorny plants have white, purple, blue and red cup-shaped flowers. He loves the entire region and grows best in zones 3-10.

11) Heartleaf Bergenia-bright white flowers in early spring. Make sure this plant looks better in zones 3-8.
10) Golden Sedum-A golden star-shaped flower that blooms from spring to summer. Plant only in areas 4-9.
9) Heliopsis "Summer Sun"-The yellow flowers during the day resemble daisies throughout the summer and help distinguish perennial gardens. These flowers reach a maximum height of 1.80 m and are ideal for zones 5-9.
8) Bluebells-These flowers are a bluish purple upside down in a tea cup, hanging on a thin stem about 30 cm tall. This flower grows very well in zones 3-10.
7) Fasting Rose Millet-choose the best color for your garden. White, pink, or red. These plants bloom in zones 3-10 in early spring.
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6) Scarlet Mondara-These flowers look like large spindle-shaped red brushes. It blooms in early summer and late summer. Prosper in zones 4-8.
5) Blue Bugle-These flower spikes grow 3-6 inches in blue or white. Works best in zones 3-10.
4) Salvia Nemorosa-a spike of purple flower that blooms up to 1 foot in late spring. Areas 5 to 9 are ideal for this plant.
3) Perennial Phlox-This flower is a group of pink or red small flowers. Grow these plants in zones 3-9.
2) Lilac Cranesbill-a beautiful blue-purple saucer-shaped flower. It blooms in area 5-9 in late spring.
1) Fantasy mother-flowers from autumn to midwinter. This variety blooms bright red in areas 5-10.