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480 years BC - Persian War. More than hundred thousandth army of Persian King Xerxes walked through the shed termopilski to penetrate into the heart of Greece. Siedmiotysięczna ravine defended a group of soldiers under the command of the Spartan king, Leonidas I. Despite the huge outnumbered, the Greeks put up strong resistance, but when the Persians discovered the path leading to the back of the ravine, troops of the king were doomed to failure.

He left alone with three hundred Spartan soldiers, in order to give time to retreat to the rest of the army. They all died, but despite the defeat of the great heroism of Leonidas and his men went down in history as an example of patriotism, honor and glory. So in a nutshell presents a story that everyone knows who even finished elementary school. Theme three hundred Spartan przewlekał through the literature, such as in "Tomb of Agamemnon," the native name of Slovak poet. The events of 480 years became interested in the well-known comic book creator, Frank Miller. He presented the history of the Spartan king and his struggle in a ravine in a very original way, choosing a suitable plot, secondary characters, and indulged in the interpretation of some facts (even a case of betrayal of Ephialtes). With this blend was made one of the best comics of the American cartoonist.

  It should be noted that if someone goes to the cinema, hoping to great historical values, it may fail.

Not without reason, both Miller and Snyder emphasized before the premiere, the film combines history and geography only heroes. So please do not be indignant at the sight of Spartan soldiers looking like a team ready for a bachelorette party more than a battle, slightly exaggerated images of Xerxes and eforów or elephants size equaling Tolkien olifantom.

By the way, sitting in the cinema and watching the Spartans fight the Persian army, just waiting, when all the beasts appear tanks. But now let's return to judge the film.

  "300" interested Zack Snyder that have not yet managed to impress motion picture production environment really biting. The question was whether he could present the story in a comic book so perfect the way it did in the case of Robert Rodriguez 'Sin City - Sin City "? It turns out that, yes. Even a person who had no direct contact with the paper version of "300", feels the comic book style image. Snyder has chosen the same strategy as its predecessor - moves frames from the comic to the cinema screen. You can successfully sit on his lap with the comic book and movie compare with drawings. Contributes to this very visual side "300": the images are maintained in a range of colors, depending on the time of day or night.

One thing is common - impenetrable black shadows or heroes suitable depth, excitement, drama.

It should be attention paid also to the assembly - especially in the first sequence of fighting a big fuss doing quick shots that make the viewer does not realizes whose hand flying across the screen, but the pure butchery that Spartans endow the Persian army, fighting style ceases to be chaotic, transforms in a kind of ballet with shield and spear. A series of close-ups or out for a charge Leonidas perfectly captures the calm and composure ruler.

  The film is not only the image and running on the green, or blue background. It is also acting.

With this "300" does not have much of a problem - Gerard Butler as Leonidas, the valiant warrior and a good king is doing well, although his "flashy" role can sometimes more amusing than the admiration and respect. The other actors are also decent - speech of Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) allows you to take a break from view ucinanych legs, heads, hands and other body parts. Her monologue is not boring, but sometimes smacks of pathos, but not as much as it did in "Alexander," Oliver Stone (horse with a range of whoever survived distinctly dull, monotonous monologue Anthony Hopkins).

It is difficult to find defects in the drama "300". Taking great pictures, good actors, all this should add a little music and sound. And here hats off to Tyler Bates - he managed to combine pathetic choirs, traditional film scoring and a pinch of sandalwood acute rock music in a perfect whole. It fits perfectly into the atmosphere, "300". I would add that the film should be, or even should be viewed in the cinema.

Pirates they do not know what they are missing - in the image Snyder are moments when the viewer jumps in his chair, feeling like he was fighting in the center of the Spartans against the Persians, and the previously mentioned music. I do not have to write, but that is the difference between the seat and the front of the monitor, right? To summarize: a film based on the comic book by Frank Miller, known for great scenarios, scenes alive, removed from the card "300", the actors, who instead only look, they can also pass something, moving the imagination of music, sound poking in an armchair. Do you need więks