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When, after several dozen minutes of screening, I watched the credits of the latest production of the creators of "40-year-old virgin", I immediately came to one specific reflection. The film "Hump" should definitely be shown in sex education classes.
I can bet that it would interest young people much more than kitschy and archaic awareness films, and it certainly contains a lot of similar content: What you shouldn't do drunk, why use condoms, how an unexpected pregnancy can change the approach to the life of two parents, differences in perceptions between men and women and many, many other thoughts. If you are currently painting an educational film in front of your eyes, then know that you cannot be any further away from the truth. All these reflections have been very neatly dressed in typical comedy gags and funny dialogues, making the whole film extremely light and absorbing.
You want to watch! Why? I will explain everything to you, dear readers. "Knocked Up" Tells the story of two completely different people: a typical careerist girl, hard-footed (Alison) and a completely laid-back, often hurt guy (Ben). From the very beginning, the director clearly shows us that this future pair of parents is completely unconnected. She just got a great chance from the television in which she works and tries not to miss her. He, along with his buddies, opens a website, but he is in no hurry, because what a sudden devil it is. As is often the case in these types of paintings, these differences lead to many tensions between the future mother and dad. Sometimes funny, sometimes melancholic, but how real and authentic! Technically, I can't fault the film. Well, this is maybe not the summit or even around the peak of film technology, but quite efficiently realized production, ensuring exceptionally fair entertainment. I didn't notice any common mistakes and mistakes that usually hit my eyes.
There are no boring and lengthy moments, stupid twists and turns, and the dialogues are quite nice and logically written.
The script doesn't let you get bored for a moment, serving us pure comedy and reflective situations and conversations. I often found out that watching some argument in this movie, I wondered who was right and how I would have done it.
Good thing! At this point I would like to say something about the actors. It is clear that the creators did not aspire to Oscar production. So it is in vain to look for such brilliant creations as, for example, Ryan Gosling in "School Grip" or Julia Roberts in "Erin Brockovich". It's just a different league, so we don't demand miracles.

Anyway, even the script, in my opinion, would not let the actors indulge too much. Now let's focus on the facts. I can't fault the Seth Rogen creation. The guy quite well got into the role and created a colorful, funny, yet fragrant authenticity character. However, if I were to rate Katherine Heigl, it was only you that was 100% subjective. After three seasons of "Surgeons" she became one of my favorite actresses and for me she is always, but it's always sensational.
Even if she were to play an episode with Uwe Boll, I would have raised a standing ovation.
For the rest of the cast, I will confine myself to saying it's OK. Both actors playing Ben's friends and Alison's close ones have created quite good creations and there is no doubt as to the authenticity of their actions. The "slip-up" is watched very pleasantly and you completely do not regret the time spent in this way.
This is the flagship example of a light, easy and fun movie. Perfect for the evening, especially for two close people. I can honestly recommend this movie to everyone, because it certainly will not regret it and will have a great time! .