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Love is a strange thing. It makes it behave like crazy and nothing but for us it does not matter. It pushes us to behaviors that are eligible for confinement in a psychiatric institution. The main character, played by Jim Carrey would be there unless a loyalty card.
Of course, if it was not sent to prison ... But let's start from the beginning. "I Love You Phillip Morris" tells the story of Steven Russell (Carrey), an exemplary father, a Catholic and lawful guardian of the law. One day, Steven realizes that life is only one and you can not waste it. He decides, following the great bard of the Polish stage, "kominiarę off" and be himself, that is gay, and by the way a compulsive cheater (brilliant scene where Leslie Mann, who plays Steven's wife, asking if homosexuality and thievery always go hand in hand). But the lie has short legs. In the end, Steven is arrested and in prison he meets the love of his life - Phillip Morris. Image by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra is a comedy-drama narrated with remarkable finesse. Great humor dominates, but there are also poignant scenes. Because it's basically a story about the power of love in all its aspects.

Steven, rejected by his mother in childhood, all the while looking only acceptance and affection. But once it is, life as usual, everything is complicated.
Living in the film Almodovar
In "I Love You Phillip Morris" has a total of weak elements. Everything comes like clockwork, and we are screwed into the history of the first scene, and not only because of a great script. Two excellent actors give a real show of their skills. Carrey plays here one of his best roles, and some brilliant performances in his career scored. Steven holds the proverbial "sztamę" all the time. Ewan McGregor plays the title character (no, I'm not talking about the "I Love You") is unrecognizable. Your character has played with a great sense without redrawing it.
Do not exceed a certain limit, which is reliable, and it was certainly a very difficult task. It is also worth to write about music, which is almost perfectly matched and builds brilliantly climate. I have to admit that the "I Love You Phillip Morris" I was very surprised.
Despite the great messengers and cast, I was expecting something on the lower level. However, we get a really excellent movie.
Love in the Time of Cholera
It works as a crazy comedy, a satire on the United States, but also as a poignant drama about a lost man.
The film so good that in the United States forbade it. .