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What's the ideal laundry bag to use for washing reusable makeup remover pads?

It's very important to clean your pads at a lasting mesh laundry bag to stop them from going missing in the wash and to protect them from hooks, zippers and demanding fabrics that can reduce the life of your reusable face rounds.

I've tried different kinds of laundry bags and I discovered that zippered type works the best compared to other luggage. There is no drawstring that can wrap around open or clothes during the wash.

Reusable cotton pads includes a cotton mesh laundry bag having a solid anti-snag zipper closure which won't open during the wash which protects your pads out of snagging, tangling and ripping. You can even hide the zipper in a little pocket on the face of the bag to prevent it rubbing against your delicates from the washing machine.

Should I wash my reusable pads before using them for the very first time?

Washing your pads prior to using them can be a fantastic idea - like using fresh sheets and towels that they will feel softer, and will consume better on the surface.

The pads made of bamboo (rayon from bamboo) reach their maximum absorbency after about 3-4 washes. It's absolutely fine if you opt to use them directly from the packet though.

Keeping your clean and used pads

Maintain the used pads in a net laundry bag of your choice until you are at the end of your green stash and it's time to wash them.

It is a good idea to store your clean pads in a pouch of some kind to minimise dust and dampness collection in the cloth. La Nature's package includes a soft travel pouch that's ideal for storing your clean reusable pads!

Reusable makeup remover pads can persist for a very long time but if you feel it's time for a replacement you can recycle the old ones in your closest clothing and textile recycling facility.

Consequently, if you consider reducing your impact on the environment and would like to start using reusables on your beauty and makeup routine then why don't you try our highly rated bamboo pads.

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