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If you want old style fragrances it's very worth it. Iris little question and nothing else, no sweetness and so delicate, nevertheless it changes shortly right into a iris powder followed by the odor of wine and make-up. It just isn't the delicate light powder from Lipstick Rose or L ombre Rose. Once I visited the Moulin Rouge and this fragance captures quite properly the decadent feeling that you simply really feel when you are there.
So 1889, despite the fact that I discover you to be waxy and old-fashioned, you brought back unimaginable reminiscences of the two most important women in my life, and that was lovely. It's a french boudoir, there is a woman lying on a pink velvet dormeuse, she's carrying pink lipstick. 1889 describe the proper atmosphere of old Mouline Rouge's dancers after the show. 1889 it is all about this, a dusty plum and a powdery violet combined with a delicate leather-based.
A stunning scent of glamour and lust filled with recollections from way back. The colourful can-can dancers and the allure of a woman in a purple gown. The temptress of the night time will seduce you senses with a powdery iris and deep plum that makes you think of high heels slowly clicking throughout an unfinished hardwood floor. The smoke still lingers within the air as you scent contemporary rose of damas and an earthy yet candy cinnamon. As the night time turns into morning your left with the warm feeling of absinthe in your lips and a whisper of patchouli.
So this waxy-perfumey beauty scent, whereas not one thing that I would need to odor like, brought again great nostalgic reminiscences. 1889 then began smelling like honey- the sort with a chunk of the waxy honeycomb still in it. Thankfully this distinguished wax notice light away after a few hours and I was left with a powdery floral that reminded me of my grandmother. I thought that grandma would have liked this perfume, and I wished I may have had the chance to purchase her a bottle, but she handed away last year. But I could think about the look on her face if she would have opened up this perfume one Christmas- her eyes would have gotten actual big and welled up with tears as she would have given me the largest hug ever.
At first spray it reminded me of the Estée Lauder lipsticks my mother wore within the 80s. I do not know if they nonetheless scent like that at present, as I normally go for the stains/balms/glosses, and my mom handed away after I was younger.
The small tables, the darkness, the faint red and the odor of old cafe's. I do not like old make-up but here it's so lovely made that on my skin it smells pretty.