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People who have never hired a private investigator, or PI, may know them only from the movies and assume that in real life, PIs mainly investigate cheating spouses and missing persons. In reality, however, they provide a broad range of services and are frequently consulted by all kinds of businesses and individuals who need information in order to make important decisions. recommended private investigator following are some of the most common examples of the work of private investigation firms in the U.S.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is an investigation into an individual, business, or asset before the client signs a contract. For example, before a corporation acquires a business, its board of directors needs to know the risks that the purchase might entail. A PI will research the business by examining all public records, audit reports, court archives, and any other physical or digital document that has a bearing on the current health and future viability of the asset in question. An investigator may also speak with current and former employees to gain greater insights.

Security Assessments

A security assessment determines the attractiveness of a target and the effectiveness of the security measures currently in place. A school, for example, may request a safety assessment in order to develop a security plan to keep its students and staff safe from both inside and outside threats. An investigator can determine how well prepared a school is to handle a long list of potential threats and evaluate whether counter measures are placed appropriately and implemented correctly. He or she can uncover weaknesses in a response system and help the school to improve it.

Claims Investigations

Insurance fraud costs insurance companies about $80 billion per year, overall, and insurance companies see a rising trend in losses due to cases of fraud. Thus, insurance companies often hire investigators to help them avoid paying fraudulent claims. Investigative services can cover accident reports and witness statements, surveillance, medical records, workers' compensation history, and litigation support. insurance fraud investigator as well as investigation of social media posts can also lead to the discovery of fraudulent claims.

Background Investigations

Background investigations are becoming an increasingly important part of the hiring process, and many companies are now contracting private investigators to perform pre-employment screening. how to be a private investigator can include verifying education credentials and past employment records, uncovering lifestyle patterns that suggest instability or poor work habits, and finding records of past disciplinary actions, to name just a few.

The work of a PI can play a key role in major decisions regarding acquisitions, contracts, security, and personnel. Contact John Cutter Investigations for more information.